22 Mar 2009

World Nomad

I have started a project which I am sharing with you hoping to get your input, ideas, suggestions and critiques.

Writing from Istanbul might be a good reference to consider that this trip has truly started, this is the proposed itinerary:

1. Istanbul (Turkey)
2. Ephesus (Turkey)
3. Ankara (Turkey)
4. Van (Turkey)
5. Tabriz (Irán)
6. Teheran (Iran)
7. Esfahan (Iran)
8. Shiraz (Iran)
9. Bushehr (Iran)
10. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
11. Lahore (Pakistan)
12. Amritsar (India)
13. Darhamsala (India)
14. McLeod Ganj (India)
15. Gangotri (India)
16. New Delhi (India)
17. Agra (India)
18. Katmhandu (Nepal)
19. Lahsa (Tibet)
20. Sukhothai (Thailand)
21. Bangkok (Thailand)
22. Battambang (Cambodia)
23. Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
24. Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
25. Hanoi (Vietnam)
26. Macau (China)
27. Hong Kong (China)
28. Shanghai (China)
29. Beijing (China)
30. Ulaanbataar (Mongolia)
31. Irktutsk (Russia)
32. Moscow (Russia)

Expected results of the trip:
1. Enjoy while all this world crisis slows down a little bit (either way, finding a job is quite tough nowadays)
2. Gather information regarding cultures, business opportunities, new market opportunities, job opportunities.
3. Propose a line of action for a new business development (to be reviewed with Jonathan Brown from AICCU, Sacramento California).
4. Get involved with people, local issues and local knowledge
5. Start a discussion with friends regarding of possible professional and business oriented opportunities (some way to get active, ha?)
6. Achieve all these destinations within 3 months. (After that, all my money will have gone, and I will have contributed thus, to the rest of the world economy, will anyone thank me?).

I might not find an answer, I may return at any point, I may even have some bad times at any given time, still believe the outcome will always be enriching. Hope me a lot of guts and please keep in touch, this would help a lot!

I would appreciate ideas on how to take the most of the advantages of this trip, you might consider people to meet, information to inquire, metrics gathering or anything you might think of to be useful. Thank you very much.

Keep you all in my heart.

Armando Espósito

Note: most project comments will be written in English, most personal comments will be written in Spanish, Italian, French or anything else that might just get in the way ...

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  1. No sé los detalles del proyecto "World Nomad", pero las fotos están super! Quizás las quieras comercializar en iStockphoto o algún otro banco de imágenes. :)