26 Mar 2009

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Yesterday, together with Fabrizio, Ivan, Stefano, Sergio and Laura, we visited the AyaSofya Church which must say is beautiful and then I visited on my own the Suleymaniye Çamii (Mosque). I wandered through less visited streets and met with the day to day Istanbul. Local shops, workshops, warehouses, small streets and alleys. Visited small mosques not mentioned in maps such as Izetinaydar and Timurtus Çamii and also visited a Copper Chain factory (Gingir).

Streets in Istanbul engage you in a beautiful concert of scents and aromas, broiled chestnuts, stuffed mussles, kebabs and unkown to me species...

After that some work, I visited the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, www.ito.org.tr and browsed their library, mostly in Turkish but a lot also in english. Mr. Saban Oruç the Assistant Expert of the Dempartment of Economic and Social Researches was very kind to meet with me without notice and spoke about some Turkish fields of business in agriculture, industry, materials and food. I briefly spoke also with Suleyman Seskir, his assistant, student of Economics and though he felt as student not being able to contribute to the discussion, I insisted that in today's world, ideas from the old and young are necessary and complementary. Explained that experience and some bold attituted is required to progress in ideas and invited him to continue getting in touch.

saban.oruc@ito.org.tr or arastirma@ito.org.tr or his personal email: s_oruc@hotmail.com
Suleyman's email is: suleymanseskir@gmail.com

At the library, an economics student helped me to browse information. His name is Mustafa Malkoa Yasar, we also spoke about how to develop new ideas for business development and we had a very pleasant chat. We agreed on continuing our conversation through email as information, details and ideas required more time. We then went together to the Istanbul Industry Chamber in Taksim and also browsed their library. He is a great company and wonderful discussion partner

Mustafa's email is: malkocyasar@gmail.com and he belongs to an economics club at www.iktisatklubu.blogspot.com He studied at Zonguldak Karaelmas University. He also suggested I visit the Middle East Technical University in Ankara (Orta Dogu Teknik University). www.karaelmas.edu.tr and www.metu.edu.tr

At 5pm, Mustafa and I met with Bilge and Özge, Fabrizio, Sergio, Ivan, Stefano and Laura and all went to Galata Tower, climbed, took some pictures, met a German group and went all together for some beers. We made some jokes about perhaps gathering a footbal or rugby team considering our ability to gather more folks in the team. Again, a superb day, the people I met has been the most beautiful highlight of this starting point of the trip. Oh yes, some historical buildings visited.

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