10 Aug 2009

Ulaan Ude - Moscow through the Transiberian Train!!

Crossed the Mongolian-Russian Border and headed to Ulaan Ude, the first stop towards Irkutsk and the Baikal Lake area. In irkutsk I visited the Lenin statue, some churches, the Ul Lenina St. and walked about through small beautiful residential areas. Again, found the skateboard geeks square, this time surprisingly with very beautiful girls just watching (this was a new feature in this type of setting).

I also took a minibus to ListVianka, a small town on the shore of the Baikal Lake, quaint, relaxing, perpetuously calm seeming town. I enjoyed my day there, so relaxing. Met a couple of Russians who seem not to be shy with visitors. Met Nadia and Tanya while having lunch on a café and met Sveta and Irina at the port. Just trying to chat with lousy Russian and English language skills.

On the train to Irkutsk (15 hours) I met a group of travellers with whom I spent some time having nice and joyful conversations. One of them, Sergey, a Russian that lives in Switzerland told me to contact him, perhaps he might help for a job search.

I bought a train ticket to Tomsk, a town near Novosibirsk some 14 hours from Irkutsk and I was told the train departed at 10:22pm and mentioned the word Moscow. I did not get the point then. Went wandering to the city and returned at 9:30pm to realise that all train schedules are programmed at Moscow time!!! Five hours of difference in Irkutsk. The train departed at 3am Irkutsk time. So, again, I slept at the train station. Don't know exactly at what time I will arrive to Tomsk.

On the train to Tomsk (34 hours) I met a girl called Olya and had a great time trying to understand each other. Also spoke with Kisonok a girl that studies Automatization engineering

In tomsk, ufff!!! So many beautiful Russian girls, now I feel Russia could also be a good living destination. At the end, I am in a search for happiness and a couple seems to be a relevant part of it.

I met Maryana at the Theater hall of Tomsk while listening to a military band, and after we spent the afternoon together walking through churces and some beautiful neighbourhoods of Tomsk. At the evening, I returned to a fountain plaza where I listened old fashioned music and met Ksusha and Okcaha (Akzana), two very beautiful girls, cousins, who were just, also as me, watching the sunset there.

In Tomsk I visited some churches, the Art Museum, a couple of parks, the Lenin Statue, the sidwalk of the Tomsk River, Tomsk University and some old style wooden house neighbourhoods.

Slept again in the trainstation, and departed towards Yekaterinburg (30 hours). On the train I met Kristina Valutina, a very kind girl from the Malta Island and also met gorgeous Sasha, who we seemed to feel somehow innocently attracted. We spent the whole journey talking and playing with Gavril, a wonderful 6 year old kid, quite hyperactive but very amusing and joyful to be with.

In Yekaterinburg, again walked and walked and walked. Went to some churches, taped some Russian Orthodox rituals, went to the City Pond and Theatre, visited Pr Lenina (always the high street). And met Carlos Projoro, a Russian who at first asked him directions to the Lenina Street at a bus stop, and whom by an odd destiny faith, I met again in a restaurant square. He seemed to be a bit off the wall, not so Ok mentally, but was quite funny, I plays the flute and Peruvian flutes for money at corners. Somehow he hides from police for some reason and seems to know all the street urban artists who salute him as we walked. Without any explanation, he walked with me from 12 pm all afternoon until 12 midnight that we finally got to the right train station after I got confused and lost going to another train station. I practically sent him home, otherwise seemed he would hang on with me till the next day. He spoke fluent spanish but seems he learnt it in a phrase repeating fashion, thus, had already constructed specific phrases to memorise and repeat. This time, at the train station, I really felt cold while sleeping, In Yekaterinburg is was around 5º C. (summer!!!) and it was raining. The whole day was quite chilly.

Anyway, managed to visit some churches, the restaurant and shopping square, some parks, internet, city hall, some metro stations, and the wrong train station!!!

I am now on the train to Moscow, I have met a group of whitewater river rafters who are returning home after a month of outdoor trekking. Their names, Eivgeni (from Kazakhstan) Dima,

I also met a group of scouts who sang the whole route, well just part of it, I really enjoyed singing with them. There is a very beautiful girl on the train but seems not interested at all to cross a small look. Seems like the type of girl I could love, but not any results yet. J

It seems Ivgeny might help me in sightseeing a bit in Moscow and after in St. Petersburg where he lives. We may also just as an experiment, try to search for job options!!!

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