10 Aug 2009

Again, random thoughts and stories

Chezwan Chinese food (perhaps misspelled). There is one style of chinese meal that I end up enjoying quite a lot. I first tasted it with Saffron and her friends, the urban artist group. They invited me to dinner and well, the style is as follows.

A big pot with stock is set on fire in the middle of the table. Then, a variety of meats, noodles and vegetables are set aside to be added to the stock and then cooked to your taste.

The first time, I must say I found it quite dissapealling, I had that same meal another three times, By the last two, I discovered the secret!!. You have to be bold, spontaneous and adventurous, just add whichever souces, species and flavours you have at hand. Then you start discovering the true delight of this food style. The last meal was just gorgeous!! A combination of shrimps cooked with vegetables, spicy and sweet sauces, sesame and peanuts, noodles, dipped in another soy sauce, just delicious!!!

The only bad end, in China, perhaps because of food, I became a teen again, developed Acné!!! L


Women – In a descriptive purely informational and in a research fashion, unfortunately only leaded by observation method (lacked the whole scientific process) I will relate the type of women I have met by nationalities. Some men might find this revealing.

If I were to marry a woman, I perhaps would be very happy with a Turkish one, they are not only beautiful, but they are lovely, hard working and very considered women, whom to be loved and made happy by any decent man.

Iranian women showed to have very beautiful eyes, this perhaps highlighted, as are not allowed to show any other part of their body, except the face. Overall, wonderful people and culture (except their government and rulers L).

I must say that with a few exceptions, Indian and Nepalese women were not exactly my favourite cup of tea, though might seem spiritual.

Thai and Laos might be to the attention of those who are interested in commercial sex and able to pay for it. I am sure this is not the average rule, though, unfortunately is what you are able to see as a traveller.

I was named by my Italian pals, as The Dicapitatore Cinesse, meaning that I decapitated Chinese women as I felt very attracted to their body type, though I did not like their face style at all, perhaps only one extremely beautiful I saw in Hong Kong. So, when I felt attracted to a women spotted at distance, It was a matter of time, for when I saw her face and immediately she was decapitated on sight!!!

Mongolians seemed to me, very beautiful and attractive women in all senses, though I was not able to meet one, as to give a deeper and more valuable description.

Finally, but not the least, I think that at least to my friends in Mexico, they would find all their unimaginable fantasies and desires… fulfilled in Russia. In this field, Russian Girls appeared to me as an infinite source of beauty asset. I just cant walk and think clearly with this gorgeous view!!! It seems though, there is the ubiquitous price at the end of the road where all Russian women seem to be quite chunky as they age. Perhaps my mind is not so clear now, as I have been on a diet in this field, I may be quitting now with such a delicious offer and variety. I better stop writing!! J


This trip started as a mode of thought for a future line of action for my life. Though I don’t know where I will end in the near future, this has made this trip, extremely emotional. There are so many thoughts, feelings, memories, aims, dreams and fears that I cant explain or even understand myself. It has really been the most exiting and deep of all my adventures. More than a travel, just some time to try to understand myself, as it seems I had been escaping from myself before.

By now, I have learned to shower or so, in the train toilets. Just by parts, with my sandals, get naked, start and clean totally in a matter of 15 minutes. I am quite proficient now and attached to detail in cleaning all areas. This as I am substituting hostels by trains now, trying to keep on the final budget just before I get a job anywhere.

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