5 Feb 2009

Thomas Friedman World Flattening process

By Flattening of the World, Friedman describes the gathering or synchronizing of several global processes and realities that enhance individuals (or should) to connect throughout the globe to create synergy through the combination of talents, initiatives and mutual goals.

Open-Sourcing, outsourcing, off-shoring, supply-chaining, in-sourcing, in-forming and a combination of integrative technologies are helping individuals to connect and collaborate. All fields of knowledge, business, arts, science are collaborating on an open basis to share information, and add on to current advancements.

China and India might be the most advanced cultures in approaching this focus. And though several groups, companies, Charities and individuals around the planet are already savvy into moving in these waters, still there is much to be done, education to be promoted and skills to be introduced. Globalicious seeks to connect Mexican citizens with the world and broaden outreach and development.

Latin culture requires investing and sharing in personal time and bonding among groups, friends, family, coworkers, partners and even with competitors and why not, even enemies. This is done through meetings, luncheons, dinners, alcohol drinking and amidst all, serious negotiations. This might not change, and also matches perfectly with how business is done in some Asian Countries. Yet, our business culture eagerly requires more international connections and collaboration, specially small and medium businesses.

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